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The beginning of OiO started with my own struggles as both a mom but also as a human trying to find a purpose. The brand is meant to be a community, specifically to help new moms with PPD. Monthly donations are made to PSI (Postpartum Support International), along with monthly mama meet-up hang outs in Fort Wayne to help new (& not so new) moms be included in a community. 

If you're in need of help, contact your doctor first, then email me to vent. Momming is easier with friends.

xo Sarah

A mother and son hug and are wearing matching minimal neutral beige tan oatmeal smile smilie smiley tees t-shirts tshirts
Oak and iO bohemian minimal neutral mom and me logo

The brand represents

my motherhood journey

in a way that doesn’t simply reflect parenting skills, but the growth and strength I’ve found in myself because I am a mother.

The brand has been able to thrive because of other strong women/mamas/humans who have helped along the way. Sharing in the growth of motherhood has become a cornerstone value for both myself and the brand. We celebrate all moms, no matter their circumstances, and strive to support those who need it. 


We have been able to donate to organizations like Postpartum Support International, Healthier Moms and Babies, and RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association. Thank you for your support as we help to support moms in need. 

Oak & iO

The Name

My son's middle name is Oak. That part of the name was easy. iO is one of the many moons of Jupiter. While learning about space with my son, the name just kind of hit me and Oak and iO was born!

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