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Hey girl heeyyyyyy.

I'm Sarah! Mama of one little goose, who just turned 5!

Here's a bit about me, my fam, & OiO!

I'm a former teacher, work for a non-profit in education, & run OiO during all the other time I have. I'm clearly a millennial LOL and tend to be sarcastic. I'm working on it though! My hubs supports my wild dreams (I'm an enneagram 7!) and now I have a 5 year old to wildly dream with me! In our free time, we are nerds. We just taught our son how to play Mario & he has his own little controller. It's SO cute. We read quite a bit and have a mini book club between hubs and I where we take turns choosing the book and read it together. So far, we've read: 1984, Of Mice&Men, The Illustrated Man, & The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Hubs is more into classics & sci-fi & I'm into self-help & spiritual/woo-woo. I get to choose our next book, so keep an eye out for that announcement ; )

Hubs and I have been together since I was 15 & got married in 2017. We've grown through a lot of life together. Our biggest challenge though, was a newborn that never slept. I mean never. He still doesn't sleep well and he's 5. Not to freak you new mamas out but. That was roughhhhhh. Raising him together has been so so so fun though. I tend to geek out on child development and education. I'm currently reading The Importance of Being Little. I just started it, but so far, highlyyyy recommend.

I started OiO after having a mini break-though with PPD & PPA. For me, my depression didn't kick in until my son was almost one, but it took a long time to feel like a human again. Having a project, OiO, was really helpful and gave me something to focus on. Now, it's a creative outlet that brings me joy. I'll always support mamas (especially new ones!) with their journeys in mamahood, which leads to this blog! Keep an eye out here for all things motherhood, existence, real life stories, advice, & more of that, uh, stuff.


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