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Mama Crewneck/Oatmeal

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Product Details

Softest handmade unisex crewneck sweatshirt made in Indiana. It can be styled for brunch with friends or worn comfortably at home.

Made from 50% USA cotton and 50% polyester, these sweatshirts have the perfect blend to create a soft feel, while also generally retaining their size after washing.

Design Details:

The design was made with water-based ink, which becomes a part of the garment, creating virtually no feel. Water-based ink is the environmentally conscious alternative to plastisol inks, which contain plastic. By using water-based ink, these sweatshirts not only feel and look better, but they also keep harmful substances out of the water supply.


In order to belong to the Oak & iO product line, all products and packaging must be environmentally friendly. You can now own a comfortable, meaningful sweatshirt that was created with 45% renewable energy, water-based ink, and packaged with recycled materials.

We work with both Healthier Moms and Babies (Fort Wayne, IN) and Postpartum Support International. We support pregnant and postpartum moms, dads, and families by providing awareness of the resources available to them, as well as donating to both organizations that help all families navigate through the transition to parenthood. By buying this item you are helping to support moms in both local and national communities to get the resources they need to create better habits for mental health.

We do not mass-produce any items, but operate a batch process system. This means that all our items are made with a bit more care and love – and you can see that in the finished item!


For best results, turn inside out and machine wash cold. Do not iron. Tumble dry low.

Customer Review/

Our sweatshirts are amazing quality and washed up amazing! It’s making all my mama matching dreams come true! -Mariah

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Our sweatshirts are amazing quality and washed up amazing! It’s making all my mama matching dreams come true!

— Mariah


Even after multiple washes my sweatshirt is still just as soft & does not shrink! I also love all the neutral options. They match with everything!

— Madison

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